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(Consortium foNational Indigenous Genomics Capacity)

CONNECT has a focus on the following research priorities:

  1. Develop community awareness, genomic literacy and document community-defined terms of engagement that harmonise cultural, ethical and legal perspectives on genomic research, implementation within health care, sample collection, curation and repatriation.
  1. Establish best-practice data sovereignty approaches and data management architecture that provides standardisation and inter-operability of genomic and related data;
  1. Document and understand the diversity and variation of Indigenous genomes and phenotypes to provide reference datasets to enable precision medicine and integrated health care;
  1. Deepen our understanding of biology and enhance knowledge of complex diseases among Indigenous Australians to directly improve health outcomes;
  1. Translate our scientific understandings of genomic diversity into enhanced and targeted delivery of health care within Australia and Indigenous health services; and
  1. Develop the capacity and capability of the Indigenous genomics workforce for the benefit of all Australians.

Learn more about the CONNECT PhD candidates and their projects.

Joel Keen   Dawn Lewis

Sam Godwin   

Rebecca Simpson

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