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Scientific and Operational

The SA Node is responsible for ensuring that the national consortium have a clear vision of success, and are supported to achieve this.

The SA Node team

Alex Brown, Jimmy Breen, Bastien Llamas, David Hansen, David Lynn, Denis Bauer, Elina Hypponen, Joel Bathe, Kim Morey, Odette Pearson, Sarah Richmond, Yassine Souilmi, Liza Kretzschmar, Robert Edwards, Sen Wang, Kalinda Griffiths, Tash Howard

South Australia Node Co-ordinator: Marlie Frank.


The South Australian Aboriginal Governance Council is supported by Amanda Richards-Satour.

The members are as follows:

Harry Miller

Ian Crombie

Lisa Khan

Mitzi Nam

Rebecca Richards

Tobias Turner

Zell Dodd

Two members of the SAAGC will attend the ALIGN National Indigenous Governance Council meetings.

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