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18 December 2023

With the help of our partners and sponsors, we can achieve great things!

In October we held a workshop on Indigenous Genomics Data, generously sponsored by our partners NCI (National Computational Infrastructure) and convened by A/Prof Kalinda Griffiths and the Posch SA & NT team.

The 2 days covered foundational work around the context, needs, principles and roles within the realm of genomics, data and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. The event was attended by data scientists, bioinformaticians, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community members, government and industry representatives and researchers spanning the CONNECT and ALIGN consortia and beyond.

The group collectively agreed on what must be considered, and the principles for, engagement in this space. The next workshop planned for 2024 will bring  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander researchers, key stakeholders, community members and our non-Indigenous allies and partners together to discuss and develop critical priorities, values, leadership and participation in the development of Indigenous genomic data sovereignty and governance best practice models and processes. Read more here:

We thank NCI for their continued support, guidance and participation in this essential program of work.

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